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Notice to visitors

One, the protection of the site, protect the cultural relics, do not scrawl, depict the cultural relics; do not Tuobei, private film and television films and advertising.

Two, take care of the flowers and trees, do not trample on the lawn, picking flowers.

Three, to maintain the natural ecological environment, do not collecting mushrooms, wild herbs, dig the fishing of aquatic animals and p

Four, protect the environment and health, no spitting, littering.

Five, in addition to the wheelchair of the disabled, children carts, without any vehicle licence is prohibited to enter.

Six, it is strictly prohibited to carry dangerous goods and animal park.

Seven, is strictly prohibited in the park, bird, is strictly prohibited fishing in non fishing zone.

Eight, for your safety, it is prohibited to swimming, ice, climbing over the railing, climbing sites.

Nine, forest fire prevention is everyone's responsibility, is strictly prohibited in the park set off fireworks and firecrackers, point fire.

Ten, park, please consciously from the garden.

Booking tickets

Reservation Tel: 010-62628501

AM: [9:00-11:00]

PM: [1:00-4:00]

Booking guide

Reservation Tel: 010-62628501

AM: [9:00-11:00]

PM: [1:00-4:00]

Tourist service center

Location of Tourist Service Center: in the northeast corner of the South Gate of Yuanmingyuan
Facilities: free wheel chairs, courtesy umbrellas, water dispensers, touch screen inquiry machine, computers and etc.
Contact: 010-62637561/62569609
Fax: 010-62637561
Contact Address: No. 28, Tsinghua West Road, Haidian District, Beijing City
Post Code: 100084

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Address:No.28, West Tsinghua Road, Haidian District. Beijing Post code: 100084

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Service Hotline:62628501 62658207