The Flouring Period of Yuanmingyuan

Yuanmingyuan was approximately built in 1707, i.e. the 46th Year of Kangxi’s reign. It was originally the garden presented by Emperor Kangxi to his fourth son Yinzhen. Emperor Kangxi inscribed the tablet of Yuanmingyuan, visited Yuanmingyuan and had dinners here for many times, which, to some extent, enhanced the reputation of Yuanmingyuan. The flouring period of Yuanmingyuan began in the 1st Year of Yongzheng’s reign. The five emperors from Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang and Xianfeng stayed and governed in Yuanmingyuan for almost 140 years. Thus, Yuanmingyuan became the second political center (the first political center being the Forbidden City), which was called the royal garden

The Disaster of Yuanmingyuan

From October 1856 to October 1860, Britain and France jointly started the Second Opium War for aggression against China, for the purpose to despoil more colonial privileges. Corrupted and incompetent government of the late Qing Dynasty adopted the indecisive policy for the invasion of foreign enemies, and they retreated one step after another. In May 1858, the invading Anglo-French Allied Forces, supported by Russian and the United States, attacked and occupied Dagu, which was near Tianjin.

Yuanmingyuan at present

After the foundation of New China, how to actively rescue, properly protect, scientifically renovate and effectively make use of Yuanmingyuan site, and to give full play to the major political, historical, cultural and artistic values and the functions of patriotic education, has been always the issue that governments at all levels, all sectors of society and the masses concern a lot.

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