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Copperplate of Front Side of Dashuifa
Completed around the 24th Year of Qianlong’s reign (1759), Dashuifa is garden scenery with the main part fountain. The fountain is also the largest in European Palaces Scenic Zone. The main architecture is large stone shrine-shaped structure, in the middle there is a lion head spraying, along with seven-level water discs to form waterfall. In the front, an oval fountain is underneath with the shape of a chrysanthemum. There is a male sika deer in the pond, with the antler divided into water sprays of 8 bifurcations. There are hunting dogs which are running around the sika deer. The mouths of these hunting dogs spray water, and the water shoots to the body of the sika deer with a splash. Two roll-tailed bronze beasts similar to dogs in the east end and the west ends are chasing the sika deer, which is known as “hunting dogs chasing the sika deer”, and called by “the war of the beasts” the westerners.
Site of Dashuifa

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