Historical overview of Yuanmingyuan

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  In November 1976, the Administrative Office of Yuanmingyuan was established. In January 1988, Yuanmingyuan Park was announced as a key cultural relic protection site at the national level. On June 29, 1988, Yuanmingyuan Park was officially opened to the public. After requisition of land for two times in 1990 and 1993, Yuanmingyuan Park recovered all its land use right, with the land size equal to the size during the flouring period of Yuanmingyuan. In September 1996, Yuanmingyuan was designated as a National Patriotism Education Base by six ministries and commissions. In November 1998, Yuanmingyuan was designated as the Beijing National Defense Education Base by Beijing National Defense Education Commission. In September 2000, The Plan for Yuanmingyuan Park was officially proved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. On November 20, 2008, Yuanmingyuan Park was awarded as one of the “Top 16 New Sceneries of Beijing”, and became one of the 16 charming new business cards which represented Beijing.